True Growth Counselling - Formerly Inspired Living

Winner of the African Corporate Award of Excellence - Best in Psychological Counselling 2016


* There is a lesson in every struggle *

At True Growth we are passionate about assisting individuals struggling with addiction and/or trauma as well as their loved ones.

We also offer career assessments, couple counselling, stress management, and we have a referral network in the event we are unable to assist.

For Those Caught in the Throes of Addiction

Continued drug and alcohol use destroys one's body, mind and spirit. At Inspired Living we take a holistic approach in order to ensure psychological. emotional, social and physical needs are all met and that an individual's overall well-being is maintained once already in recovery.

When we compare ourselves to others we tend to focus on differences and not on similarities, this could play a role in an individual, who is struggling with addiction, from not seeing the need to be part of a group on a regular basis. Groups assist us in combating isolation, gaining a different perspective and in encouraging us. In order to change stubborn thinking errors, repetition of new thoughts requires time to replace old self-defeating thought patterns. Most of us attempt to change our behaviour but if the root is not addressed it is merely a question of time till the old behaviour becomes to creep back.

To find the root, requires an honest look at one's past. As we are not fully objective when it comes to ourselves, a counsellor and group assisting in this process can be invaluable.

Addiction is still very much stigmatised in our society, but at Inspired Living we take the view that each one of us has our own cross to bear and none of us have "arrived". It is about using our skills and expertise in the field to assist those in need.

Over the years, I have had the amazing privilege to see how people are able to transform their lives with continued support. Knowledge is power and to win any war, one requires a knowledge of who or what you are fighting in order to succeed.

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