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Winner of the African Corporate Award of Excellence - Best in Psychological Counselling 2016


1. Registered Addiction Counsellor/Director

Jean-Marie Olwage is a qualified counsellor, registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). She is also a member of the Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa (BAPSA) - level 3 addiction counsellor.

She first qualified as a nurse and worked for seven years in an intensive care unit while completing her honours degree in Psychology. She has had the privilege to appear on the television series "Great Expectations" on a number of occasions, in her professional capacity, as well as on "Verander Dinge" on Kyknet. She has contributed to a number of  magazine articles in "Your Baby", "Your Pregnancy", "You" and "Vrouekeur" magazines, while being a regular writer for the online magazine "Fabulous Ladies".

She was awarded an African Corporate Award of Excellence two years running in the categories - counselling and career assessment 2015 and psychological counselling 2016.

Jean-Marie worked at a registered long term, inpatient, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre as a case manager and director for just over 4 years, where her duties included program and policy development, individual and group counselling, life skill groups, record-keeping, assessments, in-service training, overseeing the clinical team and assistance with the registration process of the centre.

2. Registered Social Worker

"The Social Entrepreneur" - Yvette Riekert graduated in 2014 with an honours degree in Social Work and she is registered with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP). Her passionate nature for the field always transpires through to her work. She specialises in counselling, individuals with addictions, problematic teenagers, relationship counselling and sustainable practise development.

"The way I see it is that every single intervention (community/group/individual) should be conducted from a holistic sustainable platform". You will hear her say sustainability a lot, as this forms the basis of all her practises. She uses her creativity and innovation to ensure a tailor-made plan for each of her clients.

She will be completing her "Advanced Diploma" in project management, July 2017. Her community development projects have had a lasting legacy in the communities in which she worked. With the nickname of "Maam wa Lekgowa Angel" (The White Angel) in the communities, it is clear that her heart is in the right place.


 3. Angus James Foote

Angus James Foote has been involved in addiction recovery for the past 7 years, 6 years of which he started and successfully ran an inpatient rehabilitation centre. Angus has, himself, been in active recovery for 10 years. His passion for God and assisting those struggling with addiction is clearly evident.

Angus is registered with the Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa (BAPSA). He is involved with face to face counselling as well as providing assistance and support to family members struggling to cope with a loved one caught up in addiction.