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* There is a lesson in every struggle *

At True Growth we are passionate about assisting individuals struggling with addiction and/or trauma as well as their loved ones.

We also offer career assessments, couple counselling, stress management, family support and we have a referral network in the event we are unable to assist.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Continued drug and alcohol use, over time, begins to affect one's body, mind and relationships in a negative way. At times, where the use of alcohol and/or substances has gotten really out of control, individuals may find themselves engaging in activities which endanger themselves and/or others.

A substance abuse evaluation is a tool utilised to help determine the extent of a person’s misuse and abuse of drugs or alcohol and to determine how to go about treating a person to achieve the greatest chance of success.

The Purpose of a Substance Abuse Evaluation

  • Assesses the extent of the substance/alcohol  use or addiction
  • Discerns if there are any co-occurring conditions, including any physical or mental health concerns, or any other drug use
  • Assesses the extent by which the substance use affects the various areas of a person’s life
  • Provides an understanding of the person and their circumstances so that the counsellor may establish a baseline and compile a treatment plan that is best suited for their needs and recovery

At True Growth Counselling we take a holistic approach in order to ensure the psychological, emotional, social and physical needs of an individual are all met.  A substance abuse evaluation is therefore vital in ensuring these needs are adequately met. Alcohol and drug use is merely a symptom of a deeper underlying issue and therefore the root of the problem needs to be dealt with in order to ensure a successful, sustainable recovery.

An evaluation typically takes between 60-90 minutes to complete.Though you might feel embarrassed and inclined not to be entirely forthcoming about the extent of your behaviour while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you need to remember that ultimately the evaluation is for your benefit and a fully developed plan cannot be compiled without knowing exactly where you stand within your substance/alcohol use.

There is no time like the present, contact us today to book an evaluation. All evaluations are treated with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

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